Friday, May 31, 2013

Belt loop tutorial

Our first "tutorial" isn't a video. It's a simple example of some of the different ways our belt loops can be used. We've had questions regarding the design of our belt loops so we thought a little clarification might help.

These are our belt loops. They are available in 1.25," 1.5," 1.75," and now 2" as well. They are available with holes either pre-punched or not. The pre-punched belt loops match up nicely with the drill guides we have for sale on our web store.

You can find our different styles of drill guides by clicking the photo.

Our belt loops can be mounted in a variety of ways as we'll show here. For those of you familiar with the ever popular "phantom style" holster out there we've made something similar to demonstrate with.

Here, our lovely assistant demonstrates the "standard" 10 degree cant. This is sometimes called the FBI cant. Whatever you call it, it's just about the most popular carry angle used.

This is what it looks like from the back side. Both of our loops are mounted in the standard position. On a true modular holster you'd have more mounting holes to deal with. On this design you only have two holes spaced perfectly to match our pre-punched loops.

With a quick flip of a single loop you can suddenly adjust the ride from 10 to 5 degrees.

Flip the loops in the opposite manner and suddenly you get a 15 degree cant angle.

Are you one of those that regularly ends up wearing armor? In most cases if you flip both loops upside down you can get approximately 1/2" of drop.

As you can see our standard loops are really versatile. And we're just showing you a simple two hole mounting pattern. Add a 4 or 5 hole pattern and suddenly the possibilities are even greater. On our web store you can buy these singly or in bulk.

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