Friday, May 31, 2013

A few more examples.....

I'll keep this post simple and let the photos speak for themselves......

A good friend got her new Glock 22 with 9mm Lone Wolf conversion barrel. When a lovely lady comes to you and asks for a new holster how can you refuse...?

Equal opportunity

Rockin the new M&P

Sometimes you just gotta do it because you can

One of our guys just bought this earlier this week. Originally equipped with a shoulder strap system he decided that wasn't quite good enough. He's a huge fan of appendix carry and within a few hours had made this. And yes, he does wear it appendix carry.

As you can see we don't just sell holster making supplies. We make things too. That is part of what got us into selling supplies. We all enjoy making holsters and other Kydex goodness. Stay tuned.....more tutorials and even do-it-yourself videos coming soon!

Belt loop tutorial

Our first "tutorial" isn't a video. It's a simple example of some of the different ways our belt loops can be used. We've had questions regarding the design of our belt loops so we thought a little clarification might help.

These are our belt loops. They are available in 1.25," 1.5," 1.75," and now 2" as well. They are available with holes either pre-punched or not. The pre-punched belt loops match up nicely with the drill guides we have for sale on our web store.

You can find our different styles of drill guides by clicking the photo.

Our belt loops can be mounted in a variety of ways as we'll show here. For those of you familiar with the ever popular "phantom style" holster out there we've made something similar to demonstrate with.

Here, our lovely assistant demonstrates the "standard" 10 degree cant. This is sometimes called the FBI cant. Whatever you call it, it's just about the most popular carry angle used.

This is what it looks like from the back side. Both of our loops are mounted in the standard position. On a true modular holster you'd have more mounting holes to deal with. On this design you only have two holes spaced perfectly to match our pre-punched loops.

With a quick flip of a single loop you can suddenly adjust the ride from 10 to 5 degrees.

Flip the loops in the opposite manner and suddenly you get a 15 degree cant angle.

Are you one of those that regularly ends up wearing armor? In most cases if you flip both loops upside down you can get approximately 1/2" of drop.

As you can see our standard loops are really versatile. And we're just showing you a simple two hole mounting pattern. Add a 4 or 5 hole pattern and suddenly the possibilities are even greater. On our web store you can buy these singly or in bulk.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day promo!

Shop this weekend and use code MEM2013 at the checkout for free shipping on any order!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some examples of what can be done with our products

Just to show you a few examples of what can be done with our products here are some photos. Each will include a brief listing of what was used to produce the holster or carrier.

This photo shows several types of holsters that can be made. First, the fold over. Very minimalist in design it is also lightweight, durable, and requires a minimal amount of hardware to produce. To the right is the traditional "pancake" style features a straight drop and open bottomed "slide style." And finally a pancake style single magazine carrier with retention adjustment built right in.

The fold over design requires a little more patience and skill when molding but produces an excellent result. Shown here with a basic over hook for belt carry.
Materials used:
  • .080 Coyote Kydex
  • 1- 8-32 x 3/8" oval head screw
  • 1 - plain post
  • 1- O-ring

This belt slide style holster is even simpler to make. Molding is done one side at a time and is far more forgiving if you happen to make a mistake. Even better.... it features the popular "straight drop" most shooters tend to prefer and also features an open muzzle for those of you that carry both full sized and compact versions of the same pistol.

From the back side you see DIY's 1.5" closed belt loops in action. Designed for low profile carry these loops are sold with or without pre-punched holes.
Materials required:
  • .0801 Black Kydex
  • 4- 8-32 x 3/8" oval head screws
  • 4- 8-8 Eyelets
  • 2- 1.5" closed belt loops
  • 4- O-rings
  • 4- 1/4" slotted posts
The low profile single magazine carrier is another pancake molding example. With this we've taken the extra step of making the retention adjustable.
Materials needed:
  • .080 black Kydex
  • 4- 8-8 eyelets
  • 4- O-rings
  • 1- 8-32 x 1/2" oval head screw
  • 4- 8-32 x 3/8" oval head screws
  • 4- 1/4" slotted post backs

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pro Start up kit

For those of you curious about making your own holsters our "pro starter kit" is an economical way to get started. It includes most everything you need to get started. One of our first video tutorials will feature the pro kit. It includes:

•Qty 8 – 12”x12” .080 Black Kydex
 •Qty 8 – 12”x12” .060 Black Kydex
 •Qty 1 – 12”x12” .125 Black Kydex
 •Qty 1 – 3”x12” .125 Black Kydex (finished edge)
 •Qty 2 – 1.5”x 12” .125 Black Kydex (finished edge)
 •Qty 8 - .75”x12” .125 Black Kydex (finished edge)
 •Qty 200 - 8-8 ¼” Eyelets
 •Qty 100 - 8-32 3/8” Screw
 •Qty 100 - Slotted Post
 •Qty 100 - O-ring
 •Qty 10 - IWB Soft Loops
 •Qty 2 – 8”x12” Foam
 •Qty 1 – Eyelet Die Set

 •Qty 1 – Drill Guide (any style)
 •Qty 1 – Steel Press with Foam

 Our start up kits are designed for both the beginner and the experienced maker.  With some simple hand tools you’ll be up and running in no time.  Our Pro Kit comes with everything in the basic kit and also includes our steel press and one drill guide of your choice.

Thanks to all who have stopped by so far and liked the page!! The site is now live and we will be working hard to get some "how to" videos up as soon as possible! If anyone is wanting to make some of their own gear, feel free to visit the website and if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask!